Monday, August 3, 2015

Thoroughly Used By Security

A bit bored by the slow day, John was taking light bulbs out of the boxes they where shipped in and putting them on the shelf. Not a particularly stimulating thing to be doing, but it was better then being stuck just standing around waiting on someone that needed help to come along. Although at least on some days that did translate into many an opportunity to ogle a cute guy and try to subtly flirt with them,  As of yet he had never had an response back from any of the guys that he dealt with. It was not for being unattractive, in his late 20's with an athletic build, he was 6 foot tall with longish blond hair and blue eyes. Which made him quite attractive in your boy next door kind of way. So without anyone to try to attract he focused on getting the new freight onto the shelf.

He had finished opening another box, and was getting ready to carry it over to the shelf. Right then the head of store security Jeremy came around the end of the isle and strolled straight up to him. Jeremy in his late 20's of Asian decent, was about 5'10 with sort black hair, dark brown eyes framed by thick rimed glasses, and a slight athletic build.  Before John had a chance to say hi Jeremy said "come with me, we need to talk" surprised and not sure what was going on John fallowed Jeremy to his office.  Once inside Jeremy shut the door and locked it.  Now even more confused and a little worried about what would happen next John looked at Jeremy who was standing just a couple of feet away staring straight into Johns eyes. John cleared his throat and asked a little timidly "did I do something wrong?"  

"no" replied Jeremy as he started to close the distance between them, "there is just something that I need to share with you" he continued.

Jeremy continued advancing until he was barely one step away from running right into John, all the while never braking eye contact. "what is it that you need to share with me?" John asked even more unsure of what was going on then he had been a few moments ago.

After a moments silence John felt Jeremy place a hand on the small of his back and another on the back of his head, then with out a moments pause Jeremy pulls him against him self and their lips meet, feeling the pressure and the heat of Jeremy's lips against his, John loosened up in into Jeremy's advance. No sooner then that he felt Jeremy's tongue attempting to part his lips and gain entry into his mouth. After another moments surprise John granted Jeremy's tongue entry into his mouth, where it darted around as if trying to claim as much territory as possible.  Soon enough John joined in the battle and started batting Jeremy's tongue finally making an advance into Jeremy's mouth where he was finally able to find out what the man that had made such a sudden move on him tasted like, a taste that he found strangely intoxicating.


Here is a little teaser from my upcoming story.  I just need to do some proof reading, and do any editing that I find necessary.  My hope is that it will be up very soon, but in the mean time here is a little taste of what you can expect.

Then as suddenly as Jeremy had pulled John into himself Jeremy released him and took a couple of steps back.  Again filled with surprise John just stood their looking at Jeremy who was now looking him up and down before allowing his eyes to finally once again settle on Johns again. Braking the silence  Jeremy in a commanding tone demands "take your shirt off"

John has never been one to fallow commands from others let alone from someone that for all intensive purposes he just really met less then a few moments ago, yet with out even a moments hesitation he found himself striping slowly out of his shirt under Jeremy's intensely watchful eyes. Something about this felt totally intoxicating, simply submit to the commands of another, especially someone with such a position of power only made him that much hornier then he already was. Shirt removed he stood there allowing Jeremy to survey the expanses of newly bare skin.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Crossed Signals

So as some of my readers have noticed I have had to change the settings on my blog to make it "age restricted" I have done that because I have decided to share the story that I have spent the last couple of days writing, and well as you could have probably guessed from the teaser it has some adult themes to. The title is a working one so if you guys have any suggestions, or any feedback I would love to hear it.  So with out further adieu, I hope you enjoy.

Samuel woke up as the summer sun was just starting to peek over the horizon, lighting the dark room with a faint orangeish glow, he looked around the strange room taking in his surroundings, before taking a peek over to the other side of the bed where Jason lay still sound asleep. As the events of the evening rushed back to him Samuel realized that he had broken his one rule and that was to never go home with a guy on a first date, to never fall for the one night stand in disguise. As shame filled Samuel he surveyed the room shoes and clothes strewn everywhere, trying to pick out his from the mess.  he carefully got out of the bed sure not to disturb Jason in the process. Having spotted his boxers tossed on the floor in front of the window he quickly slipped into them, his tall slender body lit by the glowing light coming in the window, casting shadows on him that accentuated his exquisite swimmers build.  He found his pants next, crumpled on the floor at the foot of the bed, where they had been shed the night before, in a desperate attempt to remove as much fabric from between the two of them as possible.  He struggled for a few moments trying to slip into them as quietly as he possibly could.  He then stood there trying to locate his shirt which seemed to have disappeared into thin air until he noticed it lying next to the closet door just inside the bedroom door, just a step away were his shoes where they had been kicked off the night before as well.