Monday, August 3, 2015

Thoroughly Used By Security

A bit bored by the slow day, John was taking light bulbs out of the boxes they where shipped in and putting them on the shelf. Not a particularly stimulating thing to be doing, but it was better then being stuck just standing around waiting on someone that needed help to come along. Although at least on some days that did translate into many an opportunity to ogle a cute guy and try to subtly flirt with them,  As of yet he had never had an response back from any of the guys that he dealt with. It was not for being unattractive, in his late 20's with an athletic build, he was 6 foot tall with longish blond hair and blue eyes. Which made him quite attractive in your boy next door kind of way. So without anyone to try to attract he focused on getting the new freight onto the shelf.

He had finished opening another box, and was getting ready to carry it over to the shelf. Right then the head of store security Jeremy came around the end of the isle and strolled straight up to him. Jeremy in his late 20's of Asian decent, was about 5'10 with sort black hair, dark brown eyes framed by thick rimed glasses, and a slight athletic build.  Before John had a chance to say hi Jeremy said "come with me, we need to talk" surprised and not sure what was going on John fallowed Jeremy to his office.  Once inside Jeremy shut the door and locked it.  Now even more confused and a little worried about what would happen next John looked at Jeremy who was standing just a couple of feet away staring straight into Johns eyes. John cleared his throat and asked a little timidly "did I do something wrong?"  

"no" replied Jeremy as he started to close the distance between them, "there is just something that I need to share with you" he continued.

Jeremy continued advancing until he was barely one step away from running right into John, all the while never braking eye contact. "what is it that you need to share with me?" John asked even more unsure of what was going on then he had been a few moments ago.

After a moments silence John felt Jeremy place a hand on the small of his back and another on the back of his head, then with out a moments pause Jeremy pulls him against him self and their lips meet, feeling the pressure and the heat of Jeremy's lips against his, John loosened up in into Jeremy's advance. No sooner then that he felt Jeremy's tongue attempting to part his lips and gain entry into his mouth. After another moments surprise John granted Jeremy's tongue entry into his mouth, where it darted around as if trying to claim as much territory as possible.  Soon enough John joined in the battle and started batting Jeremy's tongue finally making an advance into Jeremy's mouth where he was finally able to find out what the man that had made such a sudden move on him tasted like, a taste that he found strangely intoxicating.

Finally braking the kiss, Jeremy loosened his grip on John's head, allowing him to pull back to get a look into Jeremy's dark brown eyes. Eyes that now seem to have a raging fire ignited behind them. With the kiss broken John became keenly aware of the heat radiating from Jeremy who still has their bodies pulled firmly together. Not only that be he was also now keenly aware of how Jeremy's increasingly hardening dick was pressing against him, and how his own hardening dick was pressing firmly against Jeremy who he was sure has like him had not missed that fact ether, which only makes him harder.   

Then as suddenly as Jeremy had pulled John into himself Jeremy released him and took a couple of steps back.  Again filled with surprise John just stood their looking at Jeremy who was now looking him up and down before allowing his eyes to finally once again settle on Johns again. Braking the silence  Jeremy in a commanding tone demanded "take your shirt off"

John has never been one to fallow commands from others let alone from someone that for all intensive purposes he just really met less then a few moments ago, yet with out even a moments hesitation he found himself striping slowly out of his shirt under Jeremy's intensely watchful eyes. Something about this felt totally intoxicating, to simply submit to the commands of another, especially someone with such a position of power only made him that much hornier then he already was. With his shirt removed he stood there allowing Jeremy to survey the expanses of newly bare skin.

After a thorough inspection Jeremy's eyes one again came to rest on John's. Then just as boldly as before Jeremy commanded "take off your shorts"

Once again with out hesitation John first kicked out of his shoes then quickly undid his belt, once his belt was undone he carefully unbuttoned shorts then unzipped his fly. He could feel his dick pressing hard against his black Jockey boxer briefs, as he allowed his shorts to fall to the floor where he quickly steps out of them,  Once again Jeremy's eyes start to slowly survey their way down his body, stopping for an extended period of time on his bulging package, before once again coming back to rest on his eyes.  The fire in Jeremy's eyes burned even brighter then it had just moments ago. Which only served to stir John's cock even more.

After another trip of Jeremy's eyes down and then back up John's body, Jeremy issued another command that made Johns cock twitch and his heart climb up into his throat, "take off your underwear"

Obediently John slipped his fingers under the waist band of his boxer briefs and started to push them down his legs until they finally fell to the floor, where he quickly stepped out of them and kicked them to the side with his shorts and shirt. Feeling a thrill that he had never experienced before as his cock stood at attention kissed by the cool air of the room, in full view, ready for Jeremy's meticulous inspection, of the entirety John.  A inspection that was fully under way, as once again Jeremy's eyes slowly fall until they reach John's engorged cock., Once there they stay for several minutes before finally starting the climb back up to his eyes. Silence hung in the air as John awaited his next command, patiently watching as Jeremy slowly and deliberately licked his lips, before finally issuing his next command. "take my shirt off."

Once again John's hart jumped straight up into his throat, as he cautiously approaches Jeremy, until he was standing just inches away from him.  Then reaching out he took hold of the bottom of Jeremy's shirt and starts to pull it up and over his head. Pausing for just a moment as Jeremy removed his glasses and sets them on the nearby desk. Once safely set aside John continued to pull Jeremy's shirt over his head and then off of his arms.  Once his shirt was off Jeremy's  chest and smooth stomach where expose, revealing a small happy trail of black hair leading form his belly button down to the waist band of his underwear, which extended just above his shorts. John's eyes quickly took in the vast new expanse of Jeremy that he had never seen before, stepping back and obediently meeting  his eyes, which where once again framed by his bold rimed glasses,  John was patiently waiting for his next order to be issued. He was rewarded when Jeremy looked him square in the eye and said "take off my shoes" 

John quickly dropped to his knees in front of Jeremy.  Reaching out he started by untying Jeremy's right shoe.  He then gave Jeremy a nudge to lift his foot and gently pulled the shoe off of his foo,t and tossed it aside next to his shirt.  Then shifting position he once again started untying Jeremy's left shoe and once done again give him a nudge to lift his foot before again gently prying his shoe off his foot and tossing it to the side by his shirt too.  Getting back onto his feet John takes the opportunity to once again drink in the unclothed expanse of Jeremy's torso before once again standing upright in front of Jeremy, eyes locked, bagging for the next order. An order that Jeremy torturously made him wait for. For what seems like hours but is really just a mere couple of minutes.  Jeremy in a low growl commanded "take off my shorts!"

Closing the distance that John had left between them when he stood up John reached out and slowly starts to undue Jeremy's belt; slowly freeing the woven fabric, until both ends of the belt where no longer bound together.  Then with laborious percussion he undid the button on Jeremy's shorts.  Once undone John slowly unzipped Jeremy's fly. Once unzipped John took a firm grasp of the top of Jeremy's shorts, and gave them a firm pull towards the floor until they fell the rest of the way on their own.  Taking a step back he watched as Jeremy gave the shorts a little kick to the side, where they land neatly on top of his shirt. Taking full advantage of another lost layer he looked Jeremy up and down taking pause where Jeremy's cock strained against the tight fabric of his light gray boxer briefs, before finally bringing his eyes once again to rest on Jeremy's.  Squirming impatiently with anticipation and need while watching Jeremy slowly lick his lips, staring into Johns eyes, as if daring him to not wait until he is told what he knew must be coming yet warning him not to at the same time. After what seems an eternity Jeremy finally growled "take my underwear off, but don't do anything else"

John dropped to his knees as if his life depended on it, Now at eye level with the bulge of Jeremy's straining cock, he paused for just the briefest moment before he loped his fingers underneath the waist band of Jeremy's boxer briefs, and gave them a firm yank downwards until they fell to the floor. Once on the floor Jeremy stepped out of them and kicked them to live with everything else that used to cloth his body.  John stayed on his knees first staring at Jeremy's cock now sprung from its fabric cage it stood straight out at attention. Slowly his eyes worked their way up Jeremy's body. Slowly moving the patch of hair that surrounded his cock up the happy trail that connected it to his belly button, and then up his smooth stomach up his chest, then his neck and his chin finally coming to rest on his eyes.  Watching waiting obediently like a dog waiting on it master to give it a treat. Jeremy's eyes burned into his, filled with lust, another unspoken dear to do what he had been told not to do, yet again a warning against doing so as well. As the seconds dragged onto the minutes John began to squirm in his skin alternating his gaze from Jeremy's demanding eyes to his perfectly hard cock and back again. Until Jeremy finally issued a command in his now ever present low growl. Not quite the one that John had been expecting, but one that he was more then happy to obey. "kiss and lick my cock, but whatever you do, do not suck on it. not even the tip"

With the eagerness of a virgin on his wedding night John closed what little distance had stood between him and his reward, and started to lick up and down its length getting a taste of a part of Jeremy that he never though that he would be so eager to get, let alone ever have had the chance to get to. After getting a good taste of the man that now controlled every one of his moves John starts kissing Jeremy's intoxicating cock, paying extra close attention to the head, but being very careful not to give into his overwhelming desires to take it into his mouth and start sucking. Instead however he alternated kisses with licks, often focusing the licks on the sensitive spot on the under side of Jeremy's cock where the shaft meet its perfect head.  Jeremy started to moan softly at the attention that John was lavishing on his cock. That only driving John to focus on the spots that elicited the most of them. John drank in the rewarding sounds coming out of Jeremy's mouth.  It was not much longer until Jeremy let out a low moaning order "stop that and suck my cock now!"

Like a race horse out of the gate John inhaled Jeremy's cock until his nose was berried in Jeremy's pubes and his cock was in the back of John's throat. Which elicited a stifled low moan that sent chills through John's whole body.  As the shivers subsided he slowly started to work his way back off of Jeremy's cock until finally it popped right out of his mouth, eliciting a gasp from Jeremy. John then blew on his cock sending shivers through out Jeremy's body, John kept blowing lightly until the shivers subsided from Jeremy.  He then lightly kissed and licked his way up and down the length of Jeremy's cock before finally settling on the tip, and slowly taking it into his mouth, deliberately working his way down Jeremy's cock, until one again his nose was berried in his pubes. Once there he stopped to tease Jeremy only working his way back once he needed take a breath. Slowly he started to work his way up and down Jeremy's cock, building a little speed with each trip, until he fell into a steady pace. One that elicited moans and muffled commands to keep going.  While at the same time Jeremy reached out and rested his hands on the back of John's head running his hands through John's hair pulling at it lightly, as he genitally guided John up and down his cock.

John was so engulfed by what was going on between him and Jeremy and so focused on trying to do everything he could to elicit the moans and muffled cries that it took him a moment to notice that Jeremy's hands had suddenly departed from his head.  then he heard the sound of the door shutting.  Shocked he quickly withdrew his mouth from around Jeremy's cock and turned his body to look towards the door to see who had come into the room. Standing beside the door looking shocked, but intrigued at the same time was Brad, the head of security for the store one town over.  In his late 20's with short cut brown hair, hazel eyes and an athletic yet substantial build, giving him the boy next door that hits the gym on a semi-regularly look. His eyes darted back and forth between Jeremy and John who had finally stood up, placing his hands over his cock.  The silence was finally broken by Jeremy, who in a slightly surprised but still confidant voice said "If you don't tell any one John will do what ever you say to do, he is very obedient"

With those words Johns cock which had started to soften with the shock of the situation suddenly jumped and started to get hard again. It got even harder when a sly smile broke out on Brad's face and he said in a cat ate the canary tone of voice "we will see how true that statement is".

"for starters John take those hands away from your junk, I want to see the entirety to my new toy" Brad said in the same cat ate the canary voice.

John immediately fallowed the orders, for the second time of the day from another person that was for all intensive purposes a stranger, and it turned him on like nothing else in his life ever had.  He was rewarded by Brad's scrutinizing gaze, that scanned every inch of him like a prize, and by the look in his eyes he was a prize that Brad intended to get lots of use out of.   Brad slowly circled around John, like a predator circling its pray.  After making his second trip around John Brad finally came to a stop looked at him then Jeremy and said "good he will do just fine" paused for a moment then looked John straight in the eyes and continued "and now for you, take my shirt off, now!"

John boldly closed the gap between himself and Brad, reaching out as he did. Taking hold of the bottom of Brads polo shirt and started to pull it up, reveling a flat but toned stomach, with a light dusting of hair, and a strong treasure trail, leading from his belly button down to the top band of his underwear. Pulling the shirt further up until it started to go up over his head revealing his chest, with a slightly stronger dusting of hair, and reveling a light but clear trail of hair down from his chest to his belly button.  Continuing to pull his shirt up, finally clearing Brad's head then moments latter freeing the sleeves. Once they cleared Brad's hands he then tossed it off to the side.  Leaving Brad standing there with his torso exposed, John could feel as more blood rushed to his cock and he once again became fully hard.

An occurrence that Brad did not fail to miss. With a look of nothing sort of pride in his eyes, and tone of voice so full of self confidence it could almost be mistaken as arrogance he proclaimed "I see you like what you see, you just wait if you think what you see now is good.  But whatever you do, do not disobey me.  Now show me you understand what I have said to you"

John looked Brad in the eyes and then looked down at that ground and nodded his head and said in a hushed whisper "yes I understand".

Brad still looking directly at John with that prideful arrogant look said "speak up and look at me when you speak, do you understand?"

Lifting his gaze from the ground John looked Brad square in the eyes and said louder and more forcefully "Yes, yes I understand, I will do as I am told"

"now that's better" said Brad "now it's time for you to take my shoes off" he continued, a new smug smile worked its way onto his face.

John dropped to his knees scooting in closer so that he could reach Brad's shoes. Where like Jeremy's he started with the right shoe, and with every ounce of restraint with in him very carefully untied Brad's right shoe as to not run into any trouble with the laces. Once the laces where undone he gave Brad's foot a genital nudge. Brad lifted his foot just as he had hoped and John gently pulled Brad's shoe off, and then tossed it off to the side landing right on top of Brad's shirt that he had tossed there earlier.  John then repeated the same process with Brad's left shoe.

as soon as the left shoe had been tossed right next to the right shoe Brad who had been watching approvingly the whole time patted John on the head, like one would do to reward a loyal and obedient puppy dog. He then issued an order in that same sort of manor "good boy now stand up and look at me"

Needing no more direction then that John scrambled up to his feet again raising to meet Brad's gaze at eye level, where John stared into the almost mysterious hazel eyes that Brad possessed. Eyes that conveyed control and even a hint of amusement but not any degree of desire that my lye behind the orders that he gave, unlike Jeremy's eyes where the desire and passion shown clearly through every other layer of emotion and though. John held Brad's eyes for a couple of moment before braking from them, like a guilty party when they realize that their accuser know exactly what they have done. The moment be broke his gaze  Brad hissed out "good you know who is boss here and it serves you to remember that" he paused and took a exaggerated breath then continued "now take my pants off.  Do you understand?"

John once again brought his gaze back up to Brad's meet his eyes and said "Yes.  I understand" in a clear but submissive voice, that made it abundantly clear who had the power and it most certainly was not him.

With hands shaking slightly from the excitement of being Brad's little slave doing exactly as told with out question, and from the anticipation of getting a better look at what was hiding behind those fitting jeans, that he could see a very clear bulge, he reached out and started to undo the button holding the top band of his pants on.  After working the button undone he moved his attention to undoing the zipper of Brad's fly, which was a much easier task to complete. In no time he had his fingers looped under the top of Brad's jeans and was pushing them down towards the floor, until they finally did hit the floor.  He stood there waiting for Brad to kick his jeans aside and to give him his next order.  How ever Brad did not kick his jeans aside and showed no intention of doing so. After a moments pause Brad looking somewhat annoyed with John said "you have not finished, take care of those pants, they don't live there!"

John dropped to his knees reaching out he nudged first Brad's right foot and freed the pants from underneath it, then his left.  Once he had them out from under Brad's feet he took them and tossed them perfectly on top of the rest of Brad's cloths covering up his shoes in the the process. Staying on his knees he moved his eyes up Brad's body stopping to admire the tent that had formed in his plaid print boxers. After a moment he moved his gaze up fallowing Brad's happy trail up to his belly button. One there he fallowed the thin defined trail of hair up the middle of the rest of his stomach to his chest before finally making his way up to Brad's eyes, where he looked right into them.  He held his gaze like he had been instructed to earlier, all the while squirming like someone under interrogation for a heinous crime. With an approving look, and the tone one would use to to praise a dog that had done good Brad said to him "good boy, you have done good"  then with a more horse base tone he added "do you like what you see?"

John looked even deeper into brads eyes and in an eager edge to his voice he exclaimed "yes, yes I do!!"

With a tone of utter satisfaction Brad said "I knew you would"  then seamlessly shifted into his cool, calculating and demanding tone as he finished, "now reach up the leg of my boxers and stroke my dick like I know that you want to."

Needing no more prompting then that single command John reached his right hand up the leg of Brad's boxers and began to stork his cock. Feeling the warmth in his hands and getting a feel for its girth and length.  All the while wishing that he could free it from the obscuring and confining fabric so that he could get proper access and most importantly a proper view.  The temptation was so strong but he knew that he was forbidden to do what he wanted. However not doing so and being an obedient servant of Brad's wishes and desires made him even more horny then the idea of getting to see Brad's cock. John worked Brad's cock like his life depended on it alternating his view every once in a while from the rhythmic motion taking place under Brad's boxer up to his eyes looking for any hint of a coming command, and when he did not see one back down to the task at hand.

After several minutes had passed, Brad finally broke the silence and commanded "look at me"

John immediately looked up from the tent in Brad's boxer up into his hardened eyes.  He held his gaze patiently waiting for Brad to issue his next command.  He was not made to wait for long, before Brad in a sing song tone said "it's time for you to get what you want" then shifting again seamlessly into his deeper in charge voice "you will take off my boxer toss them on the pile with the rest of my cloths, and only once that is done will you start sucking my cock. and you will suck it good."

Like a dog fallowing its masters commands John who had kept stroking Brad's cock the whole time, stopped mid stroke pulled his hand out for the leg of Brad's boxers, so that he could take both hands to yank them down to the floor. Then with much haste and much less gentility then he had used earlier when freeing Brad's jeans from his feet, he freed his boxer from them.  John then quickly deposited them on top of the rest of Brad's cloths. Not a moment after that was done John's mouth had engulfed Brad's cock, taking it down to the root, nose buried in his pubes. He was in heaven for the second time of the day taking in the taste and smell of another man.  One who had total control over what it was that he did, and how he brought pleasure to the man that did. John was rewarded with a soft horse moan, that sent shivers up and down his body, and a twitch through his cock.

Before he knew it Brad had reached out and had his hands and his fingers griped tightly in his hair. Brad stated to guide John's movements pulling roughly on his hair retreat him up his cock and then pushing him back down.  Building the speed of the pace as they went. John had never had a man have this level of control over him, he was strangely exhilarated by the whole situation, something that he had not found quite pleasant when he had been with other men, yet with Brad it was like being on cloud nine. As they hit a steady stride, with Brad's guidance, Brad started to thrust in rhythm to John's up and down motion.  Periodically Brad would shove John down and thrust until John's nose was pined into his flesh, and hold him there, pulling him off by his hair just in time to take in a deep breath before they got going again.

John was in absolute heaven and wanted what Brad was doing to last forever.  But he knew that was not possible and as the time ticked by Brad's motions got more and more erratic as his moans became  more and more animal like.  The wilder Brad's moans got the more determined John got to finally push him over the edge, using every trick in his power to accomplish his goal.  Just as it seemed that he was about to succeed Brad suddenly yanked his head, causing Brad's cock to pop right out of his mouth.  At that very moment Brad in a voice full of command and wild desire barked out "look up at me, I want to see your face as I blow my load all over it!"

If there was one thing that John had never found appealing it was the idea of having another man use his face as their personal cum rag, but at this moment there was nothing that he could think of that he wanted more.  The mere idea of it had him on the very of losing his own load with out even touching himself. He obeyed the order and tilted his face until he was staring straight into Brad's hazel eyes that burned with passion and dominance at the same time.  He could see Brad's right hand working feverishly at his cock still slick with John's saliva.

Not more then a moment latter did an guttural moaning sound come out of Brad's mouth along with the barely coherent "I'm blowing my load now!"

No sooner did those words come out of his mouth then did the first powerful jet of cum shoot across John's face barely missing his right eye, covering from the side of his chin right up into his hair. John closed his eyes just before the second shot hit his right eye causing cum to stick in his lashes and eyebrow, the remainder covering his for head. After several more shot the whole right side of his face and some of his hair was painted with Brad's cum. As soon as the cum just started to dribble out instead of shoot, John took Brad's cock into his mouth and started sucking, savoring the taste of Brad's cum, as he cleaned the last of it off of Brad's cock.  John kept sucking until Brad flushed and out of breath said "stop, no more"

At that John let Brad's now softened cock fall out of his mouth.  It was then that he heard the sound of someone clearing their throat. It took him a moment to realize that Jeremy was still in the room, and that he had been in the room the whole time.  John turned his head and saw Jeremy standing there slowly stroking his cock, as John realized he must have been doing the whole time, while watching what had gone on between him and Brad.  After taking in the scene for a moment John slowly turned around on his knees and looked up with one eye at Jeremy, who was looking down at him with an amused look spread all across his face. The amusement spread into his voice as he said "I knew you where a good obedient guy, but damn I did not know how good you are. It was so hot watching you fallow someone else orders.  But now it is time again for you to do what I say! Now tell me that you understand me."

"Yes I understand you.  I will do exactly what you say." John said with a mix of lust and submissiveness.

It must have read all across his face as well, as a smug smile infiltrated Jeremy's face.  John kept his eye glued to Jeremy's waiting patiently for Jeremy to issue his next order, and to be able to start pleasing him and turn him into a moaning mess. Just the idea of that sent shivers through his body and a twitch up his cock, the idea excited him so much that he could feel some precum starting to accumulate on the tip of his own cock. However he resisted the urge to pleasure himself in part because he had not been told that he could do so, and because he also wanted the sensations that where running through his body to last as long as humanly possible.

After a few more moments had passed by and the look of want was painted even clearer on John's face Jeremy final came out with his first command "lick my cock like it is a lolly pop, but do not and I mean do not suck on it, tell me you understand before you do anything"

With an edge of eagerness to please yet a hint of disappointment John replied "I will lick your cock like a lolly pop, but I will not suck on it"

With that John closed the space between them and started to lick Jeremy's cock, where he focused on the head, paying extra attention to the slit, where he wanted to lick up all the precum that had started to slowly drip out. Soon the taste of Brad was replaced by the equally intoxicating taste of Jeremy, who was also know moaning quite contently with each stroke of John's tongue.  

The more Jeremy moaned the more determined John became and the more and more he focused on what it was that drove Jeremy up the wall the most which was licking his slit, but alternated it with teasing licks up and down his shaft.  All to build the anticipation of what was inevitable to come next. Soon enough Jeremy was so turned on that he was struggling to keep his moans down to a hushed whisper so that the would not get caught.  When suddenly he exclaimed in between gasping moans "just suck on it! Now!"

Needing no further prompting John devoured Jeremy's cock, taking it all the way to the base his nose buried in his pubes.  Before he even had a chance to pull back Jeremy's hands where intertwined in John's hair and he was pushing John's head pushing it down on his cock.  Exhilaration flooded through John's body and he felt more precum dripping from his own cock.  Just before John was about to choke trying to gasp for air Jeremy pulled hard on his hair pulling him almost completely off of his cock.  John used that time to quickly exhale and suck in a fresh breath of air before Jeremy shoved his head back down his cock until he was once again buried in Jeremy's pubes.  By now enough precum was coming out of John's cock that it was starting to drip onto the floor bellow him. 

John was ecstatic as Jeremy repeating that process, speeding up a little bit each time for several minutes, moaning like a mad man before on one of his up stokes he said in a near moan "keep your head still, I am going to fuck your face!" 

John barely had a chance to make a muffled sound against the part of Jeremy's cock that was still in his mouth, before Jeremy took an even firmer grip of his head and started to thrust his cock in and out of John's mouth.  Slamming it in until it hit the back of John's throat, burying his nose so deep in Jeremy's pubes that it touched the skin beneath then.  He then pulled back almost all the way out of giving John just enough time to gasp for another breath of fresh air before slamming his cock back into the back of John's throat. 

John was so high on what was happening he though he might just pass out from the ecstasy, and absolute primal lust that was flowing through his body. He had never felt like this before in his entire life.  Precum was now flowing from his cock like water from a faucet, and the puddle on the floor was starting to grow.  Jeremy picked up speed until he set into a frenzied pace, his balls slapping against John's face.  John struggled against Jeremy's grip trying to bury his face into each stroke down his throat, but instead with on hand Jeremy steadied his head and with the other he pulled hard on his hair to the point of causing pain every time that he tried to do so.  They repeated that process a couple of times until John went back to be obedient and just keep his head still while Jeremy did his thing.

Jeremy's rhythm became more and more erratic, at the same time his moans got more and more primal.  John knew that Jeremy was getting close to losing it and blowing his load, but there was nothing that he could do to make that happen, other then keep still and let Jeremy use his mouth and throat as Jeremy saw fit.

Just as he figured that Jeremy was on the edge he pulled out of John'south, and hissed at John "look at me I am going to blow my load on your face and you are going to like it"

John immediately tilted his head upwards, he saw Jeremy jacking his still saliva slicked cock like a mad man before his eye finally came to rest on Jeremy's eyes.  He could see the animal lust and passion burning in his eyes and written all over his face. He could hear the almost incoherent moans escaping from Jeremy's mouth, until in a barely audible moaned hiss, Jeremy exclaimed "here it comes I'm about to blow!"  

John did not brake eye contact as the first wave of orgasm struck Jeremy and his first shot hit John straight on the chin flowing over his lips and almost up his nose. The next shot hit his right eye adding to the cum that Brad had deposited there, and extending up into John's hair.  The next few shot thoroughly painted his forehead.  Once the cum had stopped shooting out of Jeremy's cock and instead dribbled, John took Jeremy's still hard cock into his mouth. He sucked the last of the cum out of him, savoring the taste of Jeremy on his tongue.  He keep sucking Jeremy's cock until Jeremy moans started to verge on whimpers and he said "stop that's enough"  

John released Jeremy's now soft cock from his mouth, looked up at him and saw that Brad had also moved to Jeremy's side and was watching him intently too.  After a moments silence Brad said "you sure are a good little boy and you damn well do what you are told" 

"sure do" chimed in Jeremy

"Now you are going to stay right there and look at me and Jeremy while we take pictures of you with your face covered in our cum" Brad said with a snicker 

"Yes" said John.

Being told that sent another pulse of pleasure through him and another wave of precum leaked out of his cock.  Yet he stayed still not even attempting to touch himself as the other two men dug their cell phones out of their respective piles of close that lay off to the side on the floor.  He posed right eye clamped shut covered in cum like the rest of his face and some of his hair, until they had snapped about a dozen or more pictures each, he had lost count.   Once they had done that Brad Looked at him again and said "Ok now lay on your back and jack yourself off, and when you blow your load blow it all over your self"

John obliged and first sat down then laid on his back and started jacking off his precum soaked cock. He was so turned on that it only took a few moments and next thing he new he was in the throws of orgasm shooting shot after shot of cum onto himself the first couple flying up covering his chest and rest covering his stomach.  once his cock had fianly gone soft brad looked a him and said "I'm going to give you your underwear and you are going to use it to wipe your cum off of your stomach and chest, but don't wipe my or Jeremy's cum off your face, you understand?"

John quickly replied "yes I understand I am to only wipe my cum off with my underwear"

At that Brad tossed him his boxer briefs and he carefully wiped the cum off of his soft cock, then his stomach and chest. once that was complete he set them on the floor next to him, and looked up at Brad for his next bit of direction. At which point he noticed that Brad was playing with his phone again, as was Jeremy.  Once they had finished play with their phones Brad said in his cool commanding voice "now I am going to give you my boxers. Then when I say and only when I say you are going to use them to wipe Jeremy and my cum off your face, while Jeremy and I record it.  Do you understand me?"

John obediently replied "yes I understand you, only when you tell me to will I use your boxers to wipe your and Jeremy's cum off of my face, while you guys video tape it"

"good boy" Replied Brad as he tossed John his boxers.

Once John had Brad's boxers he waited patiently as they aimed their phones at him, fooled with them a little more before Brad gave the command "wipe your face off with my underwear now"

With out further prompting John used Brad's underwear to wipe the cum off of his face.  Once he had finished with that he sat up and handed them back to Brad, Who took them and immediately put them back on, once done with that Brad looked at him again and said "get dressed but don't leave" 

John stood up and immediately put on his boxer briefs, still very wet with the cum that he had wiped off of himself.  Once he had them on he walked over to his pile of cloths and put his shorts on, fallowed by his shoes then his shirt.  Once fully dressed he turned around to find that the other two had done the same thing and where now fully dressed again too.  He looked at them waiting like he had been told, Brad once again spoke this time in his puppy dog praise voice "you where such a good obedient boy" then slipping back into his commanding voice "you last task is to give us your phone number, so that we can call upon your services outside of work"

With out even hesitating he gave them his contact information, and entered theirs in his phone under the fake names that they insisted he use.  Once that was done Brad looked at Jeremy, then they both looked back at John, and Brad said, "that's all, you can go, and if anyone asks we had a serious talk with you about our observations of your work performance"

With that John unlocked the office door, and walked out leaving Jeremy and Brad behind in the office, knowing full well that this would not be the last time that he would be used by them.

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